Management and hosting of your SMS and Mobile Internet services is free of charge.

Here's the operations and prices list for the administrator:

Operations Commands Price CHF
Account creation CREATE 0.20
Request a new account password LOGINPASS 0.20
Create an SMS service (can also be done with the web administration interface) NEW <SMS service name*>
* cannot exceed 15 characters nor contain spaces
Publish some new text content on your SMS service <SMS service name> <sending code> <Your text>*
* the total length of the SMS cannot exceed 160 characters!
Create a Mobile Internet service (with the web administration interface)   2.00

Operations and prices list for users:

Operations Commands Price CHF
Retrieve current content of an SMS service <SMS service name> 0.20
Subscribe to an SMS service START <SMS service name>*
* then send another SMS with OK to confirm the subscription
Receive a message from an SMS service as a subscriber   0.20
Unsubscribe from an SMS service STOP <SMS service name> 0.00

Mobile Internet:

Browsing a Mobilefriends service by Mobile Internet is charged by your mobile network operator using the normal GPRS charging rate of your price plan.